General Disclaimer:

Care should be taken when comparing weapons, the oracle can indicate balance problems, but is not the final word or the solution. Interpretation is up to the user. :) Only SOE has the 'real' data. Numerous factors affect the way weapon stats are what they are. Population affects everything - low usage weapon stats can vary wildly. Newly introduced weapons will have high usage time as players rush to get Auraxium. The gradual dropping of all the stats over time is likely a result of dropping population.

So what's this all about then?

The Oracle of Death is a tool to pull live Planetside 2 data from the SOE PS2 API and generate weapon performance stats.  It was originally created and named Oracle of Death by Maradine (see PSU threads here, and here). The source code is available here.   Maradine has since discontinued work on the Oracle, but I've continued to run the stat generation and extend functionality.
Why this site?

Getting weapon stat data from the IRC bot is not all that user friendly. Compiling and updating spreadsheets takes a fair amount of work. Making the data available on a site like this makes examining PS2 weapon data more accessible to the general player base. More in-depth analysis on weapons still needs to be taken to spreadsheets. Plus I wanted to have a go and see if I could make this site work, myself having little to no web development experience.

How does it work?

From the SOE API, all KILL events from all servers are logged into the database (i.e what appears on the player killboard). Aggregation of this data is run daily at 3am PDT (10am GMT) to produce daily totals/averages for all weapons in the game. Daily aggregation is flexible enough to track changes over time in the way weapons perform. If a weapon is nerfed or buffed this should show up in the daily tracking trend.

What are all these stats?

Here's a brief description of each of the stats:

  • Kills - Daily sum of kills of the particular weapon
  • Uniques - Daily sum of unique killers of the particular weapon - i.e to be a unique, at least one kill has been made with that weapon.
  • KPU - Kills per Unique, i.e Kills / Uniques. For normal-high usage weapons, this is a performance stat and not a usage stat, as the average KPU is calculated on a per period basis (one day)
  • Average BR - Average BR value of unique users
  • Qn KPU - KPU broken down by Unique BR quartiles - Q1 = BR 1-25, Q2 = 26-50, Q3 = 51-75, Q4 = 76-120
  • Headshots - Sum of kills that were made with a headshot
  • Headshot % - Headshots / Kills - Percentage of kills by headshot
  • V KPU - Vehicle KPU - ground vehicles destroyed / Uniques
  • A KPU - Aircraft KPU - air vehicles destroyed / Uniques
  • Playtime - Playtime in hours of the particular weapon
  • KPH - Kills per Hour - Kills / Playtime
  • V KPH - Vehicle Kills per Hour - ground vehicles destroyed / Playtime
  • A KPU - Aircraft Kills per Hour - air vehicles destroyed / Playtime

What's with all the missing data?

Simple answer is there was no stat collection at that point in time. Reasons could include:

  • No data collection (e.g Nov-December 2013), even the oracle needs a holiday..
  • SOE API not functioning due to patching or errors.
  • Computer breakdowns, database problems etc...

The data looks very unstable...

Yes, there can be a lot of noise in the data. Individual players can influence and shift the results - long play sessions with low use weapons for example. Low use weapons are inherently difficult to balance, care should be taken when comparing these. Population has a strong influence on the trends over time, weekends show a spike - more players play PS2 and for a longer time during weekends. The Monthly Weapon Stats table averages over the previous month, which is long enough to generate reasonably stable and comparable averages. Population has dropped somewhat since January 2014, the gradual drop in KPU's reflect this.

Update: Since Hossin has come out there have been some major macro changes in the way the game is played - Hossin forced continent, continent locking, server merges, directives. All of these are shifting the stats in different ways. Perhaps the server merges is the most significant in that there seems to be a fight concentration effect - larger fights mean more kills meaning weapon performance can appear to increase. Directives are also changing the way people play - for example the need to get MAX punch kills.

Can I get hold of the raw data?

I'll probably try and add a feature in to generate CSV files (or something similar) from the stats displayed. In the meantime i'll post Google Docs links to the complete datasets, and update the links from time to time.

Who are you?

My main PS2 character is Merl0. I'm a distinctly average PS2 player, member of the Briggs NC Rebel Scum outfit (here, and here). The use of highcharts by Knifey/KereD on the BTN world population tracker inspired me to try and do this with the Oracle of Death data. The best way to contact me would be either on the PSU IRC, or on reddit \u\Merl0

Were you sent here by the devil?

No, good sir, I'm on the level.